Paisley Sheriff Court 

Paisley Sheriff Court

Preservation Windows renovated a total of 90 windows at Paisley Sheriff Court, comprising of Category A and B Listed buildings. Using innovative glass technology and Preservation Windows Draft Proofing System (PWDP) the new windows have reinstated the traditional look of the monumental building and eliminated cold drafts.

Paisley Sheriff Court is made up of four buildings; the 1885 Sheriff Court, the 1890 Renfrewshire County buildings and two further extensions to create the Courthouse complex we have today. It is one of the last of the large court houses to use the classical style for its design and incorporates works from the same sculptor who carved the figure of Blind Justice that stands holding her scales on top of the Old Bailey in London. Due to the outstanding architectural significance of the 19th century major civic building, it is important to retain its traditional features, including the windows.

The building went under a significant refurbishment in the late 1990s. At this stage the original windows, which were rotten were replaced with new double glazed sash and case windows. However, these windows incorporated the standard glazing method of using a timber and aluminium glazing bead. This method of glazing meant that the glazing bead could easily be seen and detracted from the building’s traditional. As glass technology has advanced, Preservation Windows decided to replace these windows with the new slim line double glazed heritage glass which allowed us to do a putty finished glazing bead. This has resulted in a much more traditional look to this classical property.

Due to the sensitive nature of court life, the 90 window refurbishment was carried out at night from 6pm-6am so as not to disrupt court business. This consisted of manufacturing new hardwood top and bottom sashes with the heritage slimline double glazed units allowing for a putty finish. The existing cases were refurbished and sanded and our team carried out rotten cill replacement and any necessary exterior mastic repair. Our fitting team then installed the new hardwood double glazed slimline sashes to the top and bottom, re-balanced, re-roped and carried out a full paint finish on completion of works.

Preservation Windows strives to uphold the architectural aesthetics of Listed Buildings while using innovative technology to eliminate draughts and reduce noise. For a free no-obligation survey and quotation, please call on 01236 729 924, send and enquiry to or visit our website